Learn How To Make The Greenest Choices and be Energy Efficient

How To Make The Greenest Choices

"We Make It Easy To Be Green"

We make it easy to be green. Our four steps of learning how to be green include home energy efficiency, efficient heating and cooling, renewable energy sources, electric cars and hybrid cars.

Four Steps of Being Green

When thinking of "Going Green", a wide variety of thoughts may come to mind. This web site focuses on those aspects of being green that are directly related to using energy in the most efficient manner.

1 - Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency - greenest choices, energy efficient, learn how, how to, power, energy efficiency, energy, efficient heating, green, going green, heating and coolingThe least expensive method to reduce energy costs is by eliminating wasted energy. To be as practical and economical as possible, we'll look at the changes you can make in your home that will have...

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2 - Efficient Heating and Cooling

Efficient Heating and CoolingOur heating and cooling needs far exceed what we may require for basic lighting and appliance use, so even a small improvement with heating and cooling efficiencies can add up to substantial savings..

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3 - Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources - renewable energy, electric cars, hybrid cars, alternative energy, energy saving products, economical, practical, being green, using energySolar energy, along with wind turbine energy, have finally evolved to the point where it is practical, affordable and beneficial enough to seriously consider, for any structure. Even if renewable...

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4 - Electric Cars & Hybrid Cars

Electric Cars - Hybrid Cars - Phoenix Motorcars - Phoenix SUVThe final and ultimate method of taking control of your energy use is to say goodbye to the gas pumps and say hello to using electric and/or non-fossil fuels to power your vehicle..

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Energy News and Articles

Five Myths Hindering The Development of Alternative Fuels Five Myths Hindering The Development of Alternative Fuels
The leading myths concerning high fuel costs and fuel shortages hinder the development and deployment of alternative fuels including electric, ethanol, methanol, butanol, di-methyl either (DME), bio-diesel, bio-methane and hydrogen.
Say Goodbye To Energy Hungry Cooling Systems Say Goodbye To Energy Hungry Cooling Systems
The EnergySaver Home Cooling system is energy efficient and does not contribute to blackouts and energy grid problems as do central air systems. The system is whisper quiet when running and it eliminates the need for large amounts of roof venting.
'The PET Bag' is a Breakthrough in Reusable Shopping Bags 'The PET Bag' is a Breakthrough in Reusable Shopping Bags
The PET Bag helps correct a growing problem with the number of plastic bottles going into landfills. These reusable shopping bags are made from 100% post consumer material and are a new method for removing excess plastic bottles from the environment.

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Renewable Energy Solutions
Discover valuable information to help you build a wind generator, make bio diesel, install solar panels, build your own home, find renewable energy solutions for home, car and business, find free solar panels and free off grid batteries




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